Custom Carvings

Our custom shop is open! We love property carvings and we love making custom signs, microphone stands, or whatever else we can dream up together. Most custom pieces are collaborative in nature and the process of choosing final sizes/perspectives is part of the deal. Or we can also “make something cool” all on our own!

Property carvings are only as good as the models they are made from and we have access to property-level, high quality terrain data for many locations in the US (with more high quality sites are coming!). We’ll help you choose the wood, we’ll agree on a model of a specific location, then we’ll craft your individual, one-of-a-kind piece of art! Various framing/hanging options are available. Want resin in your carving? We can do that too. Frames are made in-house custom to each order. Memorialize that wedding venue, dream vacation, or recently purchased property. Prices begin at $225, with sizes varying from 6″x6″ to 24″x24″! Use the contact form or make a deposit in the store to start the process!

Custom signs prices start at $75 for a v-carve on 5″x12″x.75″ stock. Larger signs or 3D relief carving also available.

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