I make custom carvings of Earth and off-world sites using quality hardwoods and resins from my solar-powered workshop in central Kentucky and ship worldwide. Do you have a special connection to part of this planet, or perhaps another? We can make you a custom carving of any place you desire. (As long as NASA has been there first.)

Nature is part of all of us. And my carvings are crafted from wood that is free from paints, stains or dyes, allowing the natural world to speak for itself. Which part of this planet are you most connected to? I am a former wilderness guide, and many of these carvings represent places I’ve led others in the outdoors.

Nature is not limited to this planet, however. Ever touch the surface of another planet? The Moon? Mars?

I am actively seeking commissions. When you place a deposit for one of my carvings, you are taking the first step on a journey, not placing a mass produced item in an online shopping cart. Most of the work I produce is the result of a collaboration, of working together to create something new that didn’t exist before. These carvings also make wonderful gifts and can be surprisingly meaningful.

For more info, check our the image gallery, visit the shop, or order your own custom carving. Here’s some media coverage on a local Knoxville station. More of our work can be found on Instagram and YouTube. And you are looking for the best property-level 3D models of this planet without all the hassle, try Equator. They do all the behind the scenes technical heavy lifting, allowing us to concentrate on what we do best. And forget Etsy, they care about shareholders more than their makers. The Artisan’s Cooperative offers an alternative that respects everyone involved.

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